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Setting the bar a little higher than your average Lego stop frame animation meant we had to develop a bunch of technology outside of the ordinary movie maker type tools. Here's where you'll read about exactly how crazy we got with this.

LegoBoard was the system used to generate the intro and end credit sequences. It allowed us to produce those 2D animations without resorting to tedious block-twiddling.

Click on the image to read up on how this system came to be, and what it can do.

Obviously the thumbnail here is in true-colour, rather than your traditional Lego colours.

ttfbanner is a command line program that generates ascii art characters from an input line of text using outlines found in a truetype font file (ttf).

It is the ttf version of the old unix 'banner' program.

tgl is a homebrew scripted graphics "language", which can be used to perform various image manipulation like resizing, distorting, drawing on it and so on.
The Audio

A freeware sound editor, the original movie audio in glorious 5.1 and some creative editing.