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Links to all the videos we have posted on YouTube.

"Trinity! Help!"
The Lego version of the Bullet Time dodge scene from The Matrix.
Be sure to check it out in high definition 1280x532.

Check our accuracy
Side by side comparison of the original and our Lego version.
Marvel at how accurate we got these shots. Go on, marvel!

Camera B
The bullet time dodge was filmed with 4 cameras simultaneously, with the main movie being shot on camera A.
This is the view from camera B on the same rotating arm as Camera A. You can read all about the making of this scene here.

Camera C
This is the view from camera C with visibility of the whole room.

Camera D
This is the view from the overhead camera D.

3GP Phone Format
Old 3GP (263) cut compatible with my phone.

LegoBoard'd Lego Trinity Help
So, just for amusement purposes only, here is the 2D Lego Mosaic version of the Lego version of the bullet time scene from the Matrix.

Early Bullet Trail Test Footage
Our first idea for bullet trails wasn't Lego at all, it was all sequins and floral arrangment wire and foam. Fruity!

Early OCR Test Footage
Taking the OCR out for a spin.