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We shot this one in 15th place.

It was impossible to match the great depth of field in the original footage using the gear we had. In the real movie, the whole scene is well focused, from the gun all the way to the stuff in the background. We couldn't do this using our camera so we had to cheat. We took a photo of the set without Trinity in it and printed that out as a backdrop to be placed right behind her. That way we could keep it all in near focus. Ideally our printer would have been a bit better, though.

Because of the lack of shoulder joints, we had to dislocate Trinity's arm and attach it to her with some Yellow-Tack in order to match her stance. You'll also notice that the minifigs have a nasty slot in their ball-joint. We experimented with filling it over with more Yellow-Tack but it just made it look worse.

In the end we were fairly happy with how it turned out.
A nice photo of Trinity holding her gun. Unfortunately the background is all blurry, and we wanted to match the clarity of the original footage.

You can just barely make out some of the Yellow-Tack holding her arm on at the top and bottom of her ball-joint. You can also see hairs and dust stuck to her - the bane of macro-shooting animators the world over, I'm sure.
Here is the set we ended up using, and the distances involved.

Why our background has that brown tinge to it and why we didn't do anything about it is anyones guess. I suppose we were just happy to shoot the scene and didn't care so much about colouration.

I'm sure the Rider-back playing cards were there for a reason, but it escapes me right now. The jeweller's screwdriver was for animation or tweaking without bumping the camera or the backdrop.