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This scene was the 13th one we filmed.

In order to match the movements of the original footage we had to use a disembodied arm. The rig is an axle block mounted on a 2x2 rotating block with a rivet through it. Rivets are really cool things to use with Lego. They fit into a lot of holes and they are perfect for using as minifig swords!

Unfortunately we had to use a left arm instead of a right one because of the way the arm mounted into the rig. For some strange reason we also used a spare agent arm for this, and they are the wrong colour. Damn!

We didn't notice it was the wrong colour until well after filming. We considered re-shooting to fix it, but in the end decided it looked okay and we probably couldn't match the charm of the animation again. Test screenings showed that people didn't notice it anyway.

We also spent some time getting the helicopter tail into the scene to match the original footage. Watch it again - that tiny triangle in the upper right corner is pure helicopter. Pity we didn't spend that kind of effort in making sure the arm was the right colour!
Here's the set, showing off that crazy rivet-based rig and the helicopter tail. And oh look, our light's a Dell!

Light was important again for this scene, as there were some obvious shadows (or at least an obvious light-source direction) that needed to be duplicated.

This scene was somewhat annoying to animate, what with the gun being pushed into the agent's head. We had two things moving against one another, and that's just another level of complexity for us amateurs.