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The 16th scene we filmed, and the 16th scene shown in the movie. Hooray for coincidence!

We spent a bit of time sorting out how to get the hard shadow across Neo's face, as this is obviously an important aspect of the scene. We had the agent mounted on a hinge so we could raise and lower his shadow over Neo, and animated it by hand.

In order to get the lighting right we had to move the set into a different room. To make things easy for ourselves we used a big grey baseplate instead of our original set. This was, on reflection, a mistake as they are quite different, especially when the baseplate doesn't have the Lego logo on each of the studs.

Another important tip we can offer here is to not build your set on top of the box with all the Lego in it!
Here is the scene along with the view that the camera sees. You can also see some of the "Manfraudo Mofo" camera mount that Trevor built. This was a copy and parody of a Manfrotto Modo mini-tripod that allowed us to get the camera low and stable without needing a tripod. The hinges front and back allowed it to tilt and we Blu-Tacked it down for professional-grade stability.

It's not like professional industries don't run on duct tape - we've just got things scaled down a bit.

And no, that's not an agent minifig being used for the shadow. I'd be impressed if anyone could have told that from the final movie footage.