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This was the 14th scene we shot, and it took us 4 takes to do it.

Steve was the animator on this one, and he really went a bit overboard with the "thrashing about". Poor old Lego Neo appears to be suffering from some sort of nervous disorder. We considered re-shooting this one for the longest time, but in the end we'd had enough and let it stand as it is. And anyway, Neo does thrash around a lot in the original footage.

Here is a view of the set up for this. Not much more to say about it, except you can see the "rifle" that Neo drops in the very first scene.

That big long crane thing to the right of Trinity got shortened in other shots so we could fit it on the set without bumping into the background printouts. It seems to be part of the window cleaning apparatus on top of the high-rise building the original was shot on. Trevor located it on Google Maps, and it's this one.

The crane has scooted around to the bottom right corner in that link when we last looked.
We realise our crane looks nothing like the real one, but we didn't find it on Google until well after shooting the scenes. Ours looks like what you see in the movie, anyway.

If you aren't convinced this is the right building, and the shape does seem odd when you look down on it compared to how you think it should be, here's an image Trevor put together with some shots from the movie, showing where all the buildings are. It all triangulates back to that one building, so it's pretty conclusive.