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The 18th scene we shot. Again, it took us ages to work out what it even was, and where on Neo it was. Here it's his upper right arm.

Quite possibly, this is the worst effect we made in the whole film. The Blu-Tack was filthy and had hair in it, and the grey plates that make up the floor were also dirty. Mind you, the real floor on top of the building was probably pretty dirty in the original film, too.

As in the previous scene, we considered re-shooting this stuff. But also like the previous scene, it's over so quick we don't think it matters.
Here you can see a full frame before editing it down for the movie. That just looks ridiculous. It's as though some weird newspaper has blown up against him, or a lump of old hand-towels.

Still, through the magic of extreme close-up and fleeting glimpses, it is transformed into a puff of smoke. Such is the majesty of stop-frame animation.

Or something like that.