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The 17th scene we shot. Took us ages to work out what it even was, and where on Neo it was. Turns out it's his left thigh.

We used some Black-Tack to cover his leg so that we could add a graze mark to it, rather than grind into the actual minifig. It also gave his leg texture in the close-up, like he was wearing coarse pants. But that's more of an excuse than an actual design consideration.

The blood was Pink-Tack, and to be honest it was pretty disappointing. However, it was good that some of the pink remained on the leg so it looked like some blood residue.

We considered re-shooting this scene for ages, but in the end we decided that it goes by so quickly it doesn't matter. It's also pretty much just as indistinct as the original movie footage.
Here's a view of one of our full frames before editing, where you can see the pink and black stuff on the leg quite clearly.

If you pause our video in just the right spot, you'll see the great lump of amateurish Pink-Tack on his leg that's supposed to look like a puff of blood. It looks like chewing gum, according to everyone who sees it.

If you want to play a fun game, try and work out which bullet it is that hits his leg in the original movie footage.

On second thought don't - it really isn't that much fun. That whole bullet-dodging scene is a nightmare to track.