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3rd in our filming order, but we really should have left it until later when we had some more skill.

The guns were supported on very thin nylon thread for when Neo drops them. As they were practically invisible, we didn't need to do any removal in post production.

As a tip, this thread is terrible to work with. It's hard to see (naturally), somewhat elastic, doesn't stay where you want it to stay, and any tiny movement during animation makes it swing about for ages. With macro magnification and against a light background you can still see it, too.

The scene looked pretty good in the end, but we feel that was more due to luck than judgement.
Here you can just make out the thread suspending the gun, looped over Trevor's thumb. With the pale background you can spot it relatively easily, even in the thumbnail view, but against a dark or busy one it really disappears.

Video compression and movement in our final movie also helped disguise it.