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The 19th scene we shot. These animations were always going to be tricky, so we made sure to leave them until towards the end so we'd have some experience. We got it all in one take, which was good because our filming technique for these agent shots was somewhat destructive.

Once again, a lot of time was spent looking at the original movie footage to work out who went where. The rigging was all hidden behind the main agent at the front again, too. You'll notice that this lead agent is standing on a little black square. He needed to twist on one foot, and this seemed the easiest way of doing it without it being too obvious.

The arms were mounted on a strip of plastic cut out of a video cassette cover and strengthened with the wire from a twist-tie.
Here's a view of the rig we used. The rear two agents are on hinged brackets so they can lean over and move up and down.

And hey - you can get a better view of the fake reflection we put into the background printout. Unfortunately, you can also see the huge seam running up the middle of the printout, which stands out a little in our movie.

We toyed briefly with the idea of making a true reflective surface on a big Lego building with glass or something, but it would have been a lot of work and you'd see the camera in it anyway. That idea was shelved pretty quickly.