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This was the 4th scene in filming order.

We had to dismantle part of the set to do this one, as we couldn't get our camera in close enough or low enough otherwise.

This scene really taught us the importance of controlling your lighting conditions. Our first take was abysmal because of the changing lighting conditions in the room due to a nearby TV with the cricket on. We're not sure the cricket is really relevant, but you can never be too careful.
Here you have a 400k gif animation showing the colour variations from just having the TV on. Here's a tip - don't do that. You really don't notice it when you're filming, but as you can see it's pretty harsh.

Part of the problem is the tiny LCD on the camera. It hides a lot of sins that only become apparent when you see the full size photograph. Focus issues and reflections are easily missed on the LCD, too.

Another issue is the time taken between photos. You totally forget what the last image looked like, so you can't compare colour from one shot to the next. If we had a proper stop-frame camera set up, presumably we'd be able to switch between frames we'd taken and the current shot to see any discrepancies. No such luxury on our budget.