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The 8th scene that was shot. Given the complexity of the animation, we needed to have had some practice before we got to this one.

A huge amount of preparation went into this one, studying the original movie footage to see what copies of the agent went where, and how they moved through each other. Each copy of him was named so we could keep track of where they went.

Because of our "everything in-camera" mandate, the rig for this was rather complex. We had to be able to animate all the agent copies, and ensure the rigging was hidden from the camera behind the main agent at the front. There was extensive use of Black-Tack to hold the extra arms in place, and you can see this in the movie if you step through the frames.

We filmed this one backwards, a technique that proved to be invaluable for a number of scenes. It is much easier to take stuff away than to add it on, and makes for much smoother animation at times.

In order to provide all the agent copies, we had to buy a load more minifigs. This was especially useful for the second scene with the agent reassembly, as after watching this final footage we decided that the agents needed more arms. We wanted to duplicate the blurry trails that you see in the original footage.

We made the classic amateur mistake during this one and bumped the set part way through the scene. Because of the complexity of the animation we didn't want to re-shoot the whole scene so we steadied the footage in post production so it now looks like the background is bumped instead.

We also needed a photograph of our Lego set from the other direction to provide the reflection in the building behind the agent in this scene. You did notice that we went to all that trouble, right? Steve was really proud of that background, even though it's barely visible in our movie.
Here you can see a closeup of the rig we used for the agent separation.

It's a little indistinct because of the black agent torsos and the black Lego parts. There are various hinges and swing mounts in there to allow the agent copies to lean forward and back and in and out.

You can also see evidence of our early crimes against stop-frame animation humanity over there on the far left. The plate with the chimney on it was not attached to the rest of the set. Rule number one says that everything must be fixed in place! As we said earlier, we bumped this during animation and had to fix it in post.