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The 2nd scene we shot out of the whole sequence.

Because the Lego minifigs are a little lacking in the elbow joint area, we had to rotate the guns in his hands to simulate Neo drawing them from shoulder holsters. It goes by quickly, but we think it worked out alright. In fact, we were very happy with it and felt like we were pro animators, this being the second thing we shot and all.
This is a test shot we did so we could get the scale right on the printout for the backdrop. It was sometimes amusing (and at times surprising) to see how small a background we needed in some shots, given the distance from the camera to the target.

It's shots like this that makes us wish we'd spent a little bit more time matching the bricks in our buildings, maybe even washing them. Then again, dirty bricks and big construction gaps is a Lego tradition from way back, surely?

I like that giant red tap handle too, for some reason. It's way more prominent than the original, and obviously the Lego scale makes it huge. But I like it.